I Have A Few Missing Teeth.

Several missing teeth may be emotionally distressing and influence your confidence. Dental Implants Perth provide a solution for individuals who have serval missing teeth. They can cause problems with biting and chewing that can cause nutritional deficiencies. However, there’s an alternative for affordable dental implants in Perth. Our implant dentists can insert an implant bridge where two or more teeth are missing.

Missing confidence in your physical appearance? Our implant dentists have been experienced in teeth implants in Ellenbrook | Perth which could help to restore your smile.

What steps are involved in a dental implant process for several missing teeth?

STEP 1 — Diagnosis and Therapy Planning

Your implant dentist will examine your medical history, undertake a physical examination and choose x-rays. This will determine if you have enough jawbone to support a tooth implant or if you need a bone graft. They can also answer any questions or address concerns you may have. An appointment for your dental implant bridge (and bone graft) is made if you both agree that this is the ideal plan of action.

STEP 2 – Placing the Dental Implant Bridge

Should you need a bone graft, then this can be done during precisely the exact same appointment as your dental implant bridge. In some cases, if there’s excessive bone loss it might need to get accomplished first and permitted to settle prior to the implant surgery.

The implant itself is a common surgical procedure. You can choose local anaesthetic or to be put sleeping (Sleep Dentistry)

Following the dental implant is in place, there is a wait of 3 — 4 months for Osseo-Integration (where new bone grows around the dental implant).

STEP 3 — Impression of Dental Implant

An appointment is made to take an impression of the job of the dental implant and the adjacent teeth. A porcelain implant bridge is produced in a shade that best matches the remainder of your teeth.

An appointment is made to insert the implant bridge and make sure it looks and works as it should. Your new dental implant teeth are now in position and are ready to be used.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you need to find a second opinion from a qualified caregivers.

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