I Want My Teeth Removed and Replaced.

If your dentist recommends all of your teeth being removed and replaced, then you do not need to feel distressed. Our implant dentists may give you a fixed implant-supported bridge, also called the stationary implant-supported bridge, Complete Arch Rehab on 4 Dental Implants, or All On Four. These cheap dental implants Perth feel and look like normal teeth. Allowing you to eat, speak and smile naturally without humiliation.

Our implant dentists are experienced in comfortable teeth implants in Perth to completely restore your smile.

What steps are involved in Total Arch Rehab or Fixed Implant Supported Bridge procedure?

STEP 1 – Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Your implant dentist will examine your medical history, take up a physical examination and take x-rays. They can also answer any questions or address concerns you may have. An appointment for your stationary implant-supported bridge is made if you agree that this is the ideal plan of action.

STEP 2 — Placing the Dental Implants

You’ll have to schedule an appointment for the implant dentist to eliminate any remaining teeth and set the implants. You can choose to remain alert or be placed to sleep (Sleep Dentistry).

During precisely the exact same appointment impressions and a sting document are taken to create temporary acrylic implant bridges. These can usually be fitted on the exact same day of your operation.

STEP 3 — Fitting the Temporary Implant Bridges

An appointment period is scheduled to link with the temporary acrylic implant bridges into your dental implants. Normally no local anaesthetic is necessary.

Then you’ll have to wait — 12 weeks for osseo-Integration to occur (the implants to’fuse’ into your jaw bone), and the final implant bridge to be inserted

After 6 12 months wait, your implant dentist may check the osseo-Integration of your dental implants, so the gums underneath your teeth, and make sure that each of the implants are effective. At this point your implant dentist will suggest upgrading from an initial acrylic bridge into a Zirconia/Porcelain bridge.

This upgrade will provide you more strength, super aesthetics, improved comfort and greater longevity. It also has a smoother and more natural feel and simpler hygiene. Before proceeding, you should seek another opinion from a qualified caregivers.

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